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Reports to: Conference & Banquet Manager

Main Objective: To assist the Conference & Banquet Manager in the total operation of the Conference and Banqueting events achieving the highest possible quality of service, organization and cleanliness of all areas associated with Events.

General Purpose and Scope of Position

To oversee the efficient running of all Conference and Banquet Events(C&B), maintaining the highest standards of operations and quality of service optimizing Profitability at every opportunity and observing the requirements of Health, Safety and Hygiene, as in Law.

Personal Conduct

1. Arrive on duty on time, dressed to the standards expected of a Supervisor of the Conference and Events team.

2. Maintain all standards of personal grooming and hygiene especially during the warmer months.

3. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner that benefits a Supervisor of the Conference and Events team.


Duties and Responsibilities

1. Be fully conversant with all the function details and ensure that these are carried out to the satisfaction of the guest.

2. To be present at all times in the function room during service times, if required

3. Assist guests with all requirements to achieve complete guest satisfaction.

4. To ensure, during the absence of the Conference & Banquet Manager that all event organisers are greeted on the day and that all details are checked with them and ensure regular communication with them for all changes or additional requests.

5. To ensure that all departmental administrations such as payroll hours, assist with the rota, beverage consumption sheets, is process as per Carob Mill Restaurants Ltd standards.

6. To ensure that the service and general standards of operations is one of the highest standards possible within the limits of budgeted profit /revenue targets with a view to maximizing sales.

7. To ensure that excellent staff welfare is achieved through a positive working environment.

8. Ensure that staffing is utilized to its potential and assist the Conference & Banquet Manager in identifying any savings and improvements where possible.

9. To Co-operate with the Karatello Head Chef to ensure that that food quality is always high and more importantly at a consistent level.

10. To ensure that the Main Dispense bar for Events is clean and tidy at all times.

11. To ensure that the requisition requirements are passed to the Purchasing Manager and Chef of Karatello each week in accordance with the demands of the function sheets.

12. To ensure that all breakages are recorded on a monthly basis and all stock shortages are highlighted immediately in accordance with the events needs.

Health and Safety / Maintenance

1. Assist in the active implementation of all health and safety policies

2. To ensure that all Banqueting areas offer a secure place of work observing any problems and reporting them immediately with particular emphasis on the movement and storage of furniture and equipment.

3. Report any problems in machinery and equipment to the Technician.

4. To be aware of any unsafe practices such as dangerous stacking, wet floors not being mopped, door mats not in place so that unsafe practices can become safe practices.

5. To attend all fire training and to ensure that all fire extinguishers are stored correctly, not tampered with and are not obstructed. All problems to be reported to Technician and Conference & Banquet Manager.

6. To know first aid and to know where the first aid boxes are stored. To ensure that all items used are replaced.

7. To report any accidents immediately whether for Guests or Staff.

8. Report any pest sightings immediately to the pest control company and advise the Duty Manager.


1. To ensure that all doors are locked when not in use especially prior to departing from work in the Ballroom area – this includes all storage areas, changing areas and any outdoor areas where Karatello and Banqueting equipment is stored.

2. Detect undesirable and suspicious characters in your area of work and advise the most senior person on duty immediately.

3. To ensure all items delivered to the banquet areas are received and stored in a secure environment and that the Conference & Banquet Manager is advised

4. To ensure that all requisitions received are checked against the order form and that that no discrepancies exist – all discrepancies must be followed up with the main store.

5. To ensure that the main dispense bar area is locked and secured at all times when not in use.


1. To carry out any reasonable duty as requested by the Senior Management Team

2. To ensure all daily tasks are completed to a high standard i.e. lay out of room, table linen, cutlery, crockery, glass polishing, lunch, dinner, coffee, conference, banquet layup etc.

3. To ensure that all surrounding areas of, the lobby and the ballroom are clean and tidy and that the lights of the foyer and museum are switched on when required in the evenings.

Staff Retention, Motivation and Training

1. Ensure the manpower planning is carried out in the department , identifying recruitment needs, training need and succession planning – meaning that if one person leaves a replacement is already capable of doing his or hers responsibilities

2. Ensure that the departmental staff is nominated for any training courses where relevant.

3. Evaluate the staff with regular intervals of performance for the departmental staff with yearly appraisals, trial periods – 1 month, 3 months and 6 months

4. As a senior member of the operations team, lead by example and breed a culture of desire to succeed and deliver customer satisfaction with company profits/sales.

5. Ensure that regular communication meetings are held at least once a month and that staff ideas and problems are listened to improve staff welfare, customer satisfaction and company revenues.

6. To ensure that daily briefings are held at least 1 hour before the event and 30 mins before the event commences.

7. To ensure that all staff are aware of the service standards and expectations of Carob Mill Restaurants Ltd.

8. To ensure that all training needs are highlighted for each member of the team and that a training plan is devised for them.


1. To be aware of opportunities to improve the profitability of the Events and to maximize any opportunity for up selling and cost control.

2. To ensure that a consumption sheet is recorded and completed for each private event or party having a drinks package.


1. T o maintain effective communication with staff and senior management alike on a daily basis and ensure that they are well informed.

2. To report any problems and complaints immediately to the Conference & Banquet Manager.

3. To attend any company meetings and / or training required by the company

4. To ensure that all customers are spoken to politely at all times and to report any problems or issues.

To ensure that effective communication exists with the Kitchen at all times to ensure that any issues are handled immediately, items which are not available are communicated to the team and that all changes ar

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