Position/Job Title: Barman
Department: Bars
Reports to: Restaurants Manager

Function Overview
As a Bartender in our esteemed 4-star hotel, you will be responsible for delivering exceptional beverage service to our guests. You will create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere while preparing and serving a variety of cocktails, long drinks, twisted classics, and non-alcoholic beverages from our extensive menu. Your excellent customer service skills, extensive knowledge of mixology, and ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment will contribute to the overall success of our bars.


§  Greet guests warmly and provide friendly and attentive service, ensuring a positive and memorable experience.

§  Prepare and serve a wide range of cocktails, long drinks, twisted classics, and non-alcoholic beverages, adhering to standard recipes and presentation guidelines.

§  Engage with guests to recommend beverages based on their preferences and provide information about the different options available.

§  Take and process drink orders accurately and efficiently, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining an organized system for order management.

§  Serve beverage orders, in and out of the bar when necessary

§  Handle cash and credit transactions accurately, following established procedures and maintaining a balanced cash drawer.

§  Maintain a clean and organized bar area, ensuring the availability and cleanliness of glassware, utensils, and bar equipment.

§  Adhere to all safety and sanitation standards, including proper handling and storage of alcoholic beverages.

§  Ensure compliance with all legal requirements, including age restrictions and responsible service of alcohol policies.

§  Stay up to date with current trends in mixology and beverage industry developments, continually expanding knowledge and skills.

§  Assist in inventory management by monitoring stock levels, replenishing supplies, and conducting regular stock counts.


1.       Has sufficient knowledge of the HACCP system related to food and beverage service

2.       Understands the importance of Personal Appearance and Personal Hygiene for himself/herself

3.       Has the ability to operate a Point of Sale (POS)



4.       Has a sound wine knowledge and understands the basics of wine (local and imported)

5.       Has good knowledge on the wine/champagne/sparkling wine service procedures

6.       Has a sound beer and spirit knowledge

7.       Has a good knowledge on cocktails, liqueurs and digestives

8.       Has a good knowledge of the service sequence for the bars

9.       Ability to mix and garnish drinks with precision, creativity, and attention to detail.

10.    Is well aware of the various different kinds of hot beverages served in an F&B operation such as espresso and espresso based coffees (latte, macchiato, cappuccino etc.), filter coffee, teas and infusions

11.    Has a good knowledge on all the service aspects for different types of beverages such as beer, spirits, soft drinks, cocktails, wines, liqueurs, digestives etc.

12.    Has a good knowledge on the various food preparation terms (baked, boiled, fried, grilled, poached, roasted, steamed etc.) and also the various accompaniments and side dishes that may come with a main course

13.    Has a good knowledge on the various types of food served in the Bars operation such as Appetizers, salads, main courses (fish, beef, pork, poultry, pastas etc.) and desserts.

14.    Understands the different types of chinaware, silverware and glassware we have in an F&B operation

15.    Handles telephone calls within the department tactfully and professionally

16.    Has the knowledge and skills to welcome guests as they arrive and provide a warm farewell as they depart the bar.

17.    Understands the order taking techniques

18.    Is aware of all the Allergens requirements and law obligations.

19.    Is aware of the legislation regarding serving alcohol to minors or intoxicated guests.

20.    Can operate a Point of Sale and prepare a guest check.

21.    Has a good knowledge of cash handling procedures.

22.    Understands the Service Sequence for the Bars

23.    Flexibility to work various shifts, including weekends and holidays, based on business needs.

1.                   Reports to his/her superiors anything that might be considered dangerous for the health & safety of the employees or the guests

2.                   Prevents misuse or damage to any of the hotel’s equipment.

3.                   He/She is always clean and presentable.

4.                   Holds a health certificate and ensures that it is renewed yearly.

5.                   Participates in any meetings or training sessions that are requested by the Management

6.                   Is fully aware of:

a)       The fire and evacuation procedures of the hotel

b)       The hotel’s safety and health procedures

c)       The facilities and services offered by the hotel

d)       The operating procedures of his/her department

e)       The hotel’s rules and regulations


  1. Good knowledge of the English language
  2. Character distinguished by courtesy and positive attitude towards customer service
  3. A person who communicates well and has a genuine smile


Job Overview

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