F&B Service Manager

Duties & Responsibilities

1.                   To portray good appearance good memory, tactful behaviour and to be calm and to take decisions quickly.

2.                   To ensure that the mise-en place for the Service Outlet is completed prior to each service.

3.                   To ensure that everything is clean and the service outlets are ready to receive the Hotel guests.

4.                   To ensure that all glassware, china, cutlery, tea pots are clean, polished and always shiny.

5.                   To supervise the service outlet staff and ensure that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained.

6.                   To receive and see guests in a courteous manner.

7.                   To take all the food and beverage orders from the station he is assigned to.

8.                   To accept and record table reservations.

9.                   To assist in the training of staff to the agreed standards of performance.

10.               To take an active interest in the welfare and safety of the staff.

11.               To ensure that all staff provide a courteous service and are clean and smart at all items.

12.               To ensure that a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the work area is maintained.

13.               To establish good working relationships with all Departments within the hotel.

14.               To have a clear understanding of the Hotel’s Fire Drill.

15.               To be able to prepare the function rooms for any form of special events, Gala Dinners, Theme nights etc.

16.               To obtain a Health Certificate and keep it valid.

17.               To maintain a high standard of personal appearance at all times.

18.               To have a clear understanding of the Hotel Rules and Regulations.

19.               To have good command of at least one of the important foreign languages: English, German.

20.               To have a good understanding of the guests and guests needs and habits relating to various countries.

21.               To obtain clean linen through a system and deal with soiled linen. To identify linen category and size and their correct usage.

22.               To ensure that all electrical equipment is in working order and to report any defects to the Chief Engineer.

23.               To ensure that opening times and last order times are correctly observed.

24.               To ensure that adequate lighting and temperature conditions are provided for customers comfort.

25.               To ensure that customers with special needs (diabetics, vegetarians etc) are provided with Food and Beverage to their requirements.

26.               To advise the Restaurant Manager of any guest complaints or problems during the service.

27.               To take orders assisting the guest with the explanation of the dishes.

28.               To be responsible for all money entrusted to them.

29.               To liaise with the Hotel Animation Team on all guests activities so that the sales in the hotel restaurant outlets are maximized and that all guests feel that there is always something to occupy them.

30.               To carry out any other relevant duties as directed by the management.

Minimum Qualifications

1.       Management and Leadership skills

2.       Excellent knowledge of the Health & Safety and Food Hygiene requirements

3.       Excellent knowledge of the HACCP requirements

4.       At least 2 years experience in the same position in  3 or 4 hotels in Cyprus or abroad

5.       Good Knowledge of Computers

6.       Basic Reporting skills

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Job Overview

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