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We’re on the hunt for an amazing Executive Chef to join our 4* hotel in the Paphos area and lead our kitchen crew. As an Executive Chef, you’ll get to show off your cooking skills, creativity, and leadership chops in our lively and thriving environment. If you’re all about cooking up fantastic food, thinking outside the box, and making dining experiences unforgettable, this gig is tailor-made for you.

What You’ll Do:

1. Kitchen Mastermind: You’ll be the boss of all things kitchen, from dreaming up menus to whipping up delicious dishes and making them look great – all to ensure our guests have the tastiest meals.

2. Recipe Guru: You’ll be in charge of creating and sticking to recipes and making sure we’re following health and safety rules while doing it.

3. Menu Magic: Team up with our Food and Beverage Manager to come up with cool menus that cater to all sorts of tastes and diets.

4. Team Leader: You’ll be the head honcho for our crew of talented chefs, cooks, and kitchen pros. That means guiding them, training them, and letting them know how they’re doing.

5. Money Matters: Keep an eye on what’s in stock, what we’re buying, and how we’re spending our budget – all to make sure we’re running a tight ship in the money department.

6. Clean and Tidy: We’re talking cleanliness and organization in the kitchen. You’ll make sure we’re following all the cleanliness rules and keeping our food safe.

7. Stay Trendy: Keep up with what’s hot in the culinary world and try out new cooking tricks to make our guests even happier.

8. Team Spirit: We’re all about teamwork, so you’ll create a positive vibe in the kitchen and make sure everyone’s on the same page.


What You Need:

1. Proven Chef Skills: You’ve got experience as an Executive Chef or something close, ideally in a well-known hotel or a fancy restaurant.

2. Foodie Expertise: You know your way around different cuisines, cooking techniques, and how to make food look like a work of art.

3. Boss Material: You can lead and manage a team, inspiring them to do their best.

4. Organized Wizard: You can juggle multiple tasks and make sure everything gets done on time.

5. Creative Genius: You’re not just about recipes – you’re all about creating something special.

6. Money Whiz: You’re good with budgeting and keeping an eye on what we’re spending.

7. Safety Champ: You know the health and safety rules, and you’re not afraid to enforce them.

8. People Person: You can talk to anyone, from the kitchen crew to guests to suppliers.

9. Education: Having a culinary degree or some cooking-related certification is a nice bonus, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

10. Only EU candidates or candidates with work permit in Cyprus will be considered.


What we offer: 

A comprehensive compensation package (including bonuses upon targets achievement).

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