Bar waiter

  • Performs specific duties for mise-en-place such as glassware and cutlery polishing as assigned by one of his/her managers.
  • Monitors the ambience of the bar and takes appropriate action to adjust music level or and lighting.
  • To be totally familiar with the bar list and to be able to answer questions regarding the preparation of drinks and to use suggestive selling techniques (where applicable).
  • Greets, escorts and seats guests when hostess needs help with this task (where applicable).
  • Interacts with guests and make them feel welcome.
  • Presents and explain beverage lists and bar menus.
  • Takes beverage orders.
  • Serves beverage orders and adhere to standard operating procedures.
  • Serves food orders (where applicable).
  • Re-fills guests’ beverages (where applicable).
  • Checks and provides assistance to guests.
  • Handles payments and follows the hotel’s procedures and ensures the delivery of the bill and the change to the guests.
  • Provides guidance and direction to junior waiters.
  • Provides personal assistance to guests classified as VIPs.
  • Assists guests when they prepare to leave and say goodbye.
  • Assists co-workers as and when necessary without having to be asked.
  • Takes all necessary actions to minimize breakages.
  • Participates in departmental briefings, meetings and trainings.
  • Participates at the preparation and operation of Cocktail Receptions (Wedding Receptions, Management Cocktails, Repeaters’ Cocktails) under the instructions of a Bar Supervisor or Manager.
  • To immediately inform the Bar Supervisors or the Bars Manager or the Duty Manager and stop serving additional alcoholic beverages to anyone who exhibits signs of intoxication.
  • To notify the Bars Manager and Duty Manager in case of problems with guests.

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