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Resume do’s and don’ts

Contact Information

  • Do use a professional email address, e.g. [email protected]
  • Don’t use a college email address, e.g. [email protected]
  • Do make it easier for recruiters to contact you, so add a phone number
  • You don’t need to put down your full email address
  • Do only use one email address for your resume and applications

Summary section

  • You don’t need a summary, but it’s ok to add one
  • Do use this section to highlight transferrable skills, if you are changing fields
  • Don’t fill your summary with descriptors such as: hardworking,

    team player, good communicator


Education section

  • Do include your major
  • You don’t need to include your GPA or graduation date after your first full-time job post

Experience section

  • Do focus on your individual contributions, not just a list of job duties
  • Do try to keep each bullet point to no more than two lines – be concise
  • Don’t fill the section with industry–specific jargon
  • Do focus on transferrable skills


  • Do make sure that your bullet points and dates line up throughout the document
  • Don’t start with formatting, these are the final touches once you have the content!
  • Do start with your most recent job at the top and work your way back in time as you go down
  • Don’t forget to use spell check

General tips

  • Do submit your resume in PDF, rather than Word
  • Do provide references only when asked
  • Don’t misrepresent dates, a background check will reveal this
  • Do keep to one page, if you have recently graduated or have less than 5 years’ experience


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