How to build a resilient mind!

In the hospitality industry, times can be unpredictable, and that’s okay. The question is, how do successful business owners stay confident when things are uncertain? Well, they do it by having a strong and adaptable mindset. This means being able to handle and deal with challenges, using good ways to cope with stress, and being […]

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How leaders can navigate unstable times with confidence

For years now, we have all acknowledged that change is the only constant in the world, including in the realm of business. In these turbulent times, CEOs, in particular, find themselves in unfamiliar territory, trying to navigate the challenges of balancing cost-effective workforce changes due to economic uncertainty, addressing a labor shortage, and dealing with […]

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Landing the right job!

Become your best self, build resilience, identify your skills, and communicate them Landing the right job is a process of self-reflection, identification of skills and talents, and communication of those to others. It can be a lengthy and difficult process, but it can lead to building a very valuable skill, resilience, as well as finding […]

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Interview with Emelie Sorensen

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Emelie Sorensen, student of Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland who gladly shared with us her internship experience with Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. Q1:       Why did you decide to accept the offer for an internship with Sani Resort in Greece? For my first internship, I knew I did not […]

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How to answer the famous interview question: ‘What is your weakness?’

How many of you have found yourself at a loss for words when asked this question? 👀 How to answer? Which weakness to choose? 🤔 👉🏻 Here are a few tips that can help you gain confidence and tackle this tricky question with tenacity.   1- Do not say: ‘I’m a perfectionist”. It makes you come across as quite egotistical as if you really can’t […]

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